Have you ever been in love

Do you wonder about your love? Have you ever felt love? How can a love be defined? If someone asks this question to me, I can say that love is an intense feeling of deep affection or love is there when you find great interest and pleasure in something.

When a baby fills his/her parents with affection, love is born there and vice versa, when parents show affection and care towards their offsprings again love happens. This love is a familial love or psychologists call it as a storge which is otherwise known as a empathy bond.

When a colleague shows affection towards you or when you feel the pain of your friend in what he or she is undergoing ,it symbolises love.This love can be read as brotherly love ,philia or it is the love that shows friendship bond.

The love between a husband and wife is referred to as Eros,or this is the form of passionate love which shows the romantic bond.

Another form of love is Agape which is the highest form of love which is broached as devine and pure form of love. It can be even stated as Godly love ,which is mentioned as “ the love of God for man and of man for God".Agape is a Greco - Christian word referred as unconditional love.

We,as human beings have gone through or we are still going through these distinct types of love in our life. Love is not only expressed towards a person but also it is occurring when we have passion towards an action,for instance we love to travel or we love to dance or love to play games.

To me love is a kind of endearment,fondness and sentiment in what gives me pleasure or with whom am happy. My love to my parents ,in this moment I really do miss my dad, to whom I cannot express my love now as my dad left for his heavenly abode an year back. My love to my siblings,my better half ,my kids are a kind of fondness. Love to my friends ,some besties among those are a kind of endearment,finally I still miss my childhood pet Kaiser , my dog beacuse that was also a kind of love..which cannot be defined.

Love happens throughout our life,love is life,I was in love ,I am in love,I will be in love.

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