Valuing Water — Save Water,Save Life.

Have you ever imagined a life without water?Water 💧 one of the most valuable substance which is necessary to all of us to lead our day to day life.

Since 1993 ,March 22 is celebrated as International water day ,every year.World Water Day is celebrated to create awareness about the global water crisis,so that all individuals can use water in a smart and better way.This year ,the theme for International Water Day is “ valuing water".

Save water ,Save life !a slogan which have been repeated during my school days,now my kids too repeat the same but Is anyone aware about the usage of water and taking measures on how to reduce the wastage of water;!?

United Nations data has pointed out that 2.2 billion people are currently living without access to safe water, which is something that needs an immediate action.Creating awareness among the public about the importance of fresh water have become crucial.

According to the UN reports the basic idea of celebrating this day is to create awareness as well as to support the achievement of sustainable development,which aims providing water and sanitation for each and everyone by 2030.

Particulars about Water :

The United Nations emphasizes the public about valuing water and urging every one to practise the same.The value of water is much more than what we assume.Even though water is a naturally occuring resource ,it values much more than its cost.We need to save water for the integrity of the natural environment.Failure to understand the value of this golden and finite resource,we ourselves are bringing a great risk to our lives.

A Slovakian proverb made me to think and re think.It goes like this “ Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine”. Water is the driving force of all nature .Let us wake up and join the pledge to value water.




self loving and motivational influencer

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Nita Dince

Nita Dince

self loving and motivational influencer

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